London-based Fushi started life as a herbal remedies brand, offering Western and Ayurvedic supplements, tinctures, aromatherapy solutions, carrier oils and teas.

But, since its launch in 2005, it has branched out significantly, creating a popular range of ‘inner and outer solutions for health and beauty’.

 “We were inspired by the holistic approach to beauty and wanted to create a brand that nurtured your inside for a more glowing and beautiful outside,” says co-founder, Ria Pattni.

Fushi co-founder Ria Pattni

“Initially, herbal remedies were the core strength, but since then Fushi has developed into the complete wellbeing brand that advocates healthy living in all aspects, from nutrition to lifestyle.”

Developing the range

This has led to the recent launch of a new yoga section where, alongside health and beauty products, Fushi will be selling an extensive range of yoga mats and clothing. The company has also become increasingly known for its cold pressed unrefined oils.

“We are constantly searching for new innovative ingredients and have just recently added some of the best African oils to our range,” said Ria.

‘Inner and outer solutions for health and beauty’

She started the company along with partner, Rannesh Jansari, taking inspiration from her grandfather. She said: “I have always had a keen interest in natural living, yoga and alternative remedies. However, my real inspiration came from my grandfather who was a great believer in herbs and their benefits for health and wellbeing. Influenced by Ayurveda at a very early age, and being vegetarian myself, the Fushi ethos very much echoes my own, so I practise what we preach!”

No hype just honesty

Rannesh adds: “Although I come from a banking background, I always wanted to start my own business where I could present the wonderful wisdom of herbs and traditional remedies in an easier and more accessible way for today’s customers. My father grew a lot of herbs and we always preferred a natural remedy for everyday concerns. At the back of my mind I always wanted to share this with a much larger audience and this was the inspiration for Fushi.”

The duo set out to become the UK’s leading ethical health and beauty retailer, offering sustainably-sourced natural health and beauty products.

“Our philosophy is ‘no hype just honesty’,” says Ria. “The Fushi range uses premium-quality ingredients and the best of oils and herbs; we never compromise on this.

“Encompassing the motto that beauty starts from inside out, our products now include superfoods, herbal and nutritional supplements, beauty oils, and skin and haircare products.”

Fushi's cruelty-free products are celebrity favourites

A responsibility to the environment

All Fushi products are vegetarian-friendly, more than 98% are vegan registered, and all are cruelty-free.

Ria says: “Doing business in a compassionate way and respecting the environment is key for us, as these values resonate our own. We believe there are many customers out there who feel the same way and care about how ingredients are sourced, including whether or not they have been tested on animals. We are all responsible for our actions and whether as a business or as an individual we have a responsibility to our environment and to our customer. Our personal values are imbedded in our business, simple as that.”

While the company started in Chiswick in west London, it now has very much an international reach with its Virgin Organic Coconut Oil a favourite with stars such as Kourtney Kardashian and model Miranda Kerr, who has claimed she ‘can’t go a day without it’. And that's good enough for us!


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The information given in this feature (ie the cruelty-free status of the brands, product information and prices) is correct at the time of publication (October 2013). For an up-to-date list of cruelty-free brands and their contact details, please see our Where To Shop Guide.   


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