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Looking after yourself from head to toe

To help prolong the life of your fake tan, try to keep baths and showers cool or luke warm.

If you've been heavy handed with the fake tan, rub a mixture of baking soda (two teaspoons) and warm water into the problem areas.

When applying fake tan, don't use underarm deodorant beforehand and avoid oil-based products that can leave traces on the skin and cause streaking 

When applying fake tan to your hands and feet, thin out your product with a bit of moisturiser so it doesn't sink into drier areas

If you've run out of shaving foam, use hair conditioner instead. It leaves legs super smooth.

When applying fake tan, always wait at least 48 hours after waxing or 24 hours after shaving.


Great advice in the palm of your hand 

If your nail polish has gone 'claggy', put just a couple of drops of nail polish remover into the bottle and shake

When painting your nails, remember to take the brush over the tip as well to help prevent chipping  

If you run out of cuticle oil, use a small amount of petroleum jelly, castor oil or olive oil instead

When painting your nails, leave three minutes between applying coats to help prolong the life of your polish

To help your nail varnish set that little bit quicker, dip your hands into a bowl of iced water or hold under cold running water for 30 seconds

Roll your nail varnish between your hands before using to remove any air bubbles and ensure a smoother finish

Never file your nails when you've just got out of the shower or bath - wet nails break more easily

If you suffer from weak or brittle nails, always wear rubber gloves to do the housework or washing up. Applying hand and nail cream before you put them on will give you an extra moisturising treat.

If you've run out of nail polish remover, apply a coat of fresh polish and then immediately wipe away with cotton wool and it will take most of the undercoats off too. Not a perfect solution, but great in an emergency.