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For great skin and perfect make-up 

To ensure you get your blusher in just the right place, smile and apply to the apple of your cheek, extending it up along your cheekbone and into the hairline

For a lighter look during the day, try mixing your foundation with a little moisturiser

If your skin is inflamed, try products that contain calming rose or lavender.

When using powder make up, apply it downwards and outwards to flatten fine facial hairs and avoid drawing attention to them

To help your lipstick last longer, start by applying foundation or concealer to bare lips. Then apply one coat of lipstick, blot with a tissue, apply a thin dusting of loose powder and then a second coat of lipstick.

Sculpt your face by using a matt bronzer under your cheekbones, blusher on the apples of your cheeks and a highlighter on top of your cheekbones.

When choosing a foundation, pick one that matches the tone of your jawline exactly (not the back of your hand) and try to test it in natural light.

To help your lipstick last longer, start by applying foundation or concealer to bare lips. Then apply one coat of lipstick, blot with a tissue, apply a thin dusting of loose powder and then a second coat of lipstick.

For the closest colour match, choose a powder that is three shades lighter than your foundation.

When using mineral foundation, start from the jawline and work inwards towards the centre of your face to avoid overload and ensure a more natural finish.

If you run out of blusher, or don't want to carry your whole make-up collection with you on a night out, improvise by dotting a little lipstick on the apple of your cheeks and blending with your fingers.




For bright, white and beautiful eyes

To help prevent your eyeshadow creasing, dust your eyelid with some translucent powder first

To avoid dry, itchy and strained eyes when you're working at your computer, remember 20-20-20: every 20 minutes focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Gently pat a small amount of hemorrhoid cream (about the size of a petits pois) around your eyes to get rid of puffiness. Very strange, but very effective, and all the top make-up artists use it on tired stars!

To get a straighter result with liquid liner, draw three small dashes - one on the outside corner of your eye, one in the middle and one on the inside corner - and then join them up for a smooth line 

When applying dark eye make-up, use a cotton wool pad to apply plenty of loose powder under your eyes first. This will help to catch any falling colour and can be easily swept away afterwards

The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, so always apply your eye cream by patting it in with your ring finger rather than rubbing

If your false lashes are too long and you need to cut them, always trim from the outer edge for a more natural look

When buying an eyeliner pencil, try it on the back of your hand first. If it is hard to draw a smooth line and it drags the skin, don't buy it; it will only do the same to your delicate eyes 

If you find black eyeliner too harsh, try a smoky brown or grey eyeshadow instead.

To help your eyeshadow last longer, wipe some toner over your eyelids first to mattify the skin and help the shadow stick. 

Keep your eye cream in the fridge - the cooling sensation will really help to 'de-puff' your eyes.

Apply a highlighter or light eyeshadow just under the curve of your eyebrow for an instant eye lift.

Don't 'pump' your mascara as this will push air into the tube and dry it out. Instead, simply dip the wand in and twirl to get just the right amount on the brush, and to help your mascara last a lot longer.

If you want to re-use your false lashes, soak them in warm water, gently peel off any excess glue and then store them in their original container to keep their shape

If your eye or lip pencil is too soft and crumbly, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes. When you're ready to use it, draw a quick line on the back of your hand to warm it up a bit before applying.

Treat your tired eyes to a cheap and effective treatment. Keep your used green tea bags, cool them in the fridge, and then place them on your closed eyelids and relax for about 10 minutes. Bliss!

To make the whites of your eyes sparkle, and your eyes look larger, clearer and brighter, try using a white or peach-coloured pencil just inside the lower lid






For tresses that turn heads!


Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove product build up and prevent dandruff and other hair and scalp conditions

Never brush curls out with a brush. Loosen them with your fingers instead to give added lift without flattening them down or causing frizz

For glossy hair at home, mix three egg yolks with three tablespoons of runny honey. Comb through damp hair, leave for 20 minutes and then shampoo twice, rinsing with cool water

If you have short hair, use only a 20p-sized blob of shampoo or product on your hair. If you have shoulder-length hair, use a 50p-sized blob

When your hair is wet it's at its weakest and most likely to break, so don't rub it with a towel. Gently squeeze out the excess water and blot with the towel instead

Never brush curly hair while you're drying as it will make it dull and frizzy

Never blow-dry soaking wet hair - wait until it's 70% dry (or 90% if you have curly hair)

Warm styling product in your hands before use so that it gets distributed more evenly through your hair.

If you have natural curls that are prone to frizz, apply a combination of curling mousse and conditioner to damp hair to help control them without crispiness

To get the best intensive treatment from a hair mask, cover with a shower cap and leave for at least half an hour before washing out

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