The story of Beauty Without The Beasts

Beauty Without The Beasts is the brainchild of myself, Joanne, a journalist, and my big sister, Laura, who worked in PR and marketing for many years before settling in the world of finance. We're also joined by our office 'helper', Nelly, who when she is not carrying a sock around, can be found greeting the postman as he arrives with some great new beauty products for us to share with you.

The history

At the age of 11, having worked on a farm and having always had a love for all things furry, scaly and feathered, I decided to give up eating meat. Over the years that followed I became more educated about animal testing and, since my late teens, have been actively seeking out health and beauty products that are cruelty-free. Believe me, that's no easy feat when you consider that there are no firm regulations on the claims manufacturers make and very few sources of quality information on which products and ingredients have been tested on animals.

Now, this is hard enough for me, but for people who want to buy me a gift of perfume, make-up or even bath salts, it's a minefield. As a beauty product lover (or pusher!), Laura had just this dilemma every birthday and Christmas, so we decided to do something about it before I drowned in novelty socks! And so the idea for Beauty Without the Beasts was born.

The future

Beauty Without The Beasts aims to take the headache out of sourcing cruelty-free products so you know that, if it's on our website, none of the ingredients or the finished product itself have been tested on animals.
We hope this will appeal, not only to people like me who are already committed to buying cruelty-free, but also to those, like Laura, whose family and friends make this choice and to the growing number of women who are looking for more ethical alternatives to their make-up bag staples.

We won't be pushing the finer details of vivisection, our aim is simply to make cruelty-free shopping easier. Unlike some other websites which can be, how can we put it….old fashioned and a bit 'flower power', Beauty Without the Beasts is fresh, fun and stylish.  After all, why should cruelty-free mean dowdy or plain? Some of the UK's best-loved and most exciting brands including Barry M, Dermalogica, Neals Yard Remedies and BM Beauty are cruelty-free, and there's nothing dowdy or plain about them!
So, while we are not trying to change the world, we hope to prove that you don't have to compromise quality or choice when sticking to your principles.

Keep popping back for the latest product news, beauty trends, how-to guides and great tips. We've even got a 'Where To Shop' page to help you source cruelty-free brands and products. And don't forget you can follow us on Twitter (@followbwb) and find Beauty Without The Beasts on Facebook. 

No animals will be harmed in the making of this website ;-)


Hi, I'm Jo (that's me on the left) and I live in Southend in Essex. I'm a journalist by trade, with 16 years' experience on local and national newspapers and magazines. During this time I specialised in a number of areas including crime, entertainment, the environment, healthcare, and, for many years, fashion and beauty.

In my spare time I enjoy horse riding, zumba, travelling, reading and, of course, walking Nelly, our little office elf (more about her coming up…) I've been vegetarian since the age of 11 when I started to work on a farm and have used cruelty-free products for the past 20 years.

Beauty Without The Beasts

Hi, I'm Laura and, as you've probably already worked out, I'm on the right of the picture
above (I'm not the dog!). I have worked in financial services for more than 20 years in areas including marketing, PR and office management. I like to think it's my business brain and organisational skills that make me such a valuable member of the team but, actually, I suspect it's more to do with my love of all things beauty. I'm always the first to try out a new product and my existing make-up and cosmetics collection is so large it has its own postcode! (Why does anyone need 46 lipsticks and glosses? - Ed)

Although I'm not a vegetarian, I have always had concerns about animal testing in the beauty industry but, shamefully, didn't always think too much about the products I was buying. However, the process of setting up Beauty Without The Beasts has focused my mind much more on the issue and, as a result, I have made the decision to switch to cruelty-free brands - a journey that you will be able to follow on the website.

Woof! My name is Nelly and I am a six-year-old Jack Russell crossed with something small and gobby, but otherwise unidentified.

I live with Jo by the seaside and spend my days in the office with her and Laura, moving between knees depending on where the sun is coming in through the window. I have also been known to give my opinion on lipsticks and nail varnishes (red lippy makes me growl and I don't like the smell of nail polish, so I leave the room when they try those out!)

Outside of this crucial role helping the girls with the website, I enjoy walks over the common, chasing my ball and, above all else, socks and cheese. I do not like staying in, going for walks without my ball and, above all else, people who do not give me socks and cheese!