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1.  Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate

2.  Fushi Beauty Totale for Skin, Hair, Nails and UV Protection

3.  Pure Nuff Stuff Problem SKin Moisturiser

4Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate

Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate  £31.50  (July 2013)

A quick straw poll in the Beauty Without The Beasts office revealed that what women really want (other than Henry Cavill, of course) is a good night's sleep and beautifully, radiant skin.

As if hearing our pleas, Neal's Yard Remedies came up with what sounded like the perfect product - Beauty Sleep Concentrate - and we just had to try it.

Applied at night, this lightweight lotion claims to support skin's night time recovery, help prevent premature skin ageing, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, replenish, refresh AND increase skin's moisture levels by up to 98% over 12 hours. Big claims from a small blue bottle! Plus, it's made with 90% organic ingredients and is suitable for vegans, too.

It is recommended that you apply 3 - 4 pumps onto cleansed skin or over serum. Often night products can feel heavy or greasy, but we were impressed by how light and easily absorbed this was. And you do only need a small amount, so a bottle will last a good few weeks and it makes the price of £31.50 for 30ml more reasonable than it might at first seem. The soft, soothing scent (clary sage, cypress, orange, patchouli and ylang ylang) is just what you need for a good night's sleep - it's like lavender for the 21st century!

But the proof of the pudding was in the waking! Our skin definitely felt and looked softer, plumper and smoother - with no shiny greasiness - almost from the very first application.

We like the fact that you can use it over serum or on its own - we know our skin better than anyone so products that can be tailored to our individual routines and mixed with other lotions and potions are always a winner with us. We also like the soft scent and, of course, the effect it has on our skin. The only negative we could find is that the pump stopped dispensing the concentrate while there still quite a lot left in the bottle. However, the lid is easily unscrewed, so you are able to scrape out every last drop!

So, we've got our smooth, soft skin and a good night's sleep, all we need now is Henry!

Fushi Beauty Totale for Skin, Hair, Nails and UV Protection  £15.26  (May 2013)

One of our team is a slave to hair, skin and nail tablets having been plagued by bad skin for years and suffering from weak, fine hair (and weak, fine nails) due to a
medical condition. She therefore jumped at the chance
to try Fushi's Beauty Totale supplement.

Fushi takes a holistic approach to beauty, with the philosophy that 'to be beautiful on the outside you have
to nurture your inside'. That's fine, in principle, but does
it actually work?

One box contains a 30-day supply of capsules which
claim to ensure glowing results within weeks thanks to a cocktail of 24 'very essential nutrients' for skin, hair and nails, including:

  • Alpha-Lipoic acid and Biotin: renowned for their effects on the skin

  • Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B: in particular Vitamin C is important for the production of collagen and Vitamin A helps repair and regenerate the skin

  • Zinc: known for its benefits for skin complaints such as acne

  • Silica: contributes to collagen formation

  • Essential amino acids: support elastin and collagen production

  • Beta-carotene and Vitamin E: help skin's natural defenses against the sun

The capsules themselves are in 'bio available form' which means the nutrients are in their most absorbable form. They contain no fillers, binding and bulking agents and are encased in vegetarian-friendly capsules.

Science over, onto the testing! The first comment was about how big the capsules are. You need to take two daily with food,  so make sure you have plenty of water to hand as these blighters won't go down easily otherwise and leave a horrible taste in your mouth if you don't wash them down well. However, that didn't put our tester off.

Obviously, there's no overnight result with this type of product and it takes a while for any effects to kick in. However, having taken them for two months, the results are looking surprisingly good. This is what our tester had to say ...

SKIN: My skin is looking clearer and more 'glowing', with less outbreaks than usual

NAILS:  I do still get the odd split, but my nails do appear to be growing a little more quickly and I have been able to maintain a more uniform length

HAIR: This was the biggest surprise. I hadn't really noticed much difference myself in my hair. However, when I was having it cut, the hairdresser pointed out that I had a lot of 'baby hair' (as she put it) around the hairline and top of the scalp. Basically, this is brand new hair growing. For someone with weak, fine hair this is amazing news. At the moment, I do look a little bit like a fluffy, baby bird in places, but once this new hair grows, I can't wait to have a thicker, healthier mane.

So, in conclusion, the early results for Fushi's Beauty Totale look very good indeed and our tester just won't give them up now.

Pure Nuff Stuff Problem Skin Moisturiser £6.80  (January 2013)

When Dermalogica started selling in China and lost its cruelty-free status, we went on a mad hunt for a replacement for our favourite Oil Control Lotion.

We'd heard about Penzance-based skincare company, Pure Nuff Stuff, and decided to give them a go. There's a lot to like about this brand. Firstly, the name - literally, nuff said! Secondly, its commitment to offering skincare products 'at a price that means you can use them every day rather than as a special treat'. This is great, especially if you want to try a new cruelty-free brand but are put off by higher prices. In fact, if you find that the product doesn't suit you, they will replace it free of charge (as long as it's still within the sell-by date).

So, with nothing to lose, we took the plunge and ordered a bottle of Problem Skin Moisturiser. It arrived really quickly, well packaged, and with a personal note - nice touch!

Our main requirements were that it had to help control the oily shine we get mid-afternoon and not aggrevate our problem skin. So, how did it fare?

We must admit the bottle seemed quite small when it first arrived, but you really do need to use the smallest amount, so it's still going strong weeks later. As long as you don't use too much, it rubs in easily and leaves the skin with a nice matt finish, but still feeling moisturised. It seems most suitable as a day cream as it provides a good base for make-up and did seem to keep some of the shine at bay. The smell is pleasant enough, with the  kind of 'Eastern' aroma that so many natural products seem to have. And at under £7 it's fantastic value, especially as you have to use so little each time.

Pure Nuff Stuff is good enuff for us!

Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate £24.75 (Dec 2012)

At first glance, this seems like just another bronzer - and at £24.95 for 30ml, a pricier bronzer at that - but it actually offers much more, especially if your skin is less than perfect.

Firstly, we know it's a cliché, but a little really does go a long way, so the bottle is going to last for months! We find it's most effective and easiest to apply when mixed with moisturiser and you need only a small amount each time.

It's much easier to add a little more if needed than it is to get rid of it once applied, so don't say you weren't warned! As the product is dispensed with a pump, you do need to be careful not to be too heavy-handed or you'll just end up wasting it. The first couple of days we ended up with more on a tissue than our face, but we've got the hang of it now. 

As the name suggests, it does give a nice sun-kissed 'glow' to the skin, but we were most impressed with how it helped to even out our skin tone and soften blemishes - it cut morning concealer time in half! Admittedly, it was less effective on those in the team who are blessed with good skin to begin with, but if you've got problem skin, acne scars or marks, this really does make a difference.

And, you know how we love a multi-tasking product here at Beauty Without The Beasts, so we also mix this with body lotion for a bronzed body on a night out. 


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